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 Vampire Class

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Level Four
Level Four

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PostSubject: Vampire Class   Fri Jul 31, 2009 6:14 pm

Class Main Attribute: Strength

Specialties: Unholy Strength, Vampiric Aura, Holistic Scanes.

Unholy Strength - Your acient vampire bloodlines are pure, giving you unholy strength. +2 Strength at all times. Period.

Vampiric Aura - Activates an aura around you, making it so whenever you deal damage to an enemy you gain back 1/4 that damage dealt. Cost:20 mp / post.

Holistic Scanes - All your natural senses are dramaticly increased. Your sight, your hearing, eveything. This gives you great advantages on the field of battle.

Drawbacks: You need to feed off blood. If you don't in 50 posts. You start to lose 20 life per post after.
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Vampire Class
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