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 Werewolf Class

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Level Four
Level Four

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PostSubject: Werewolf Class   Fri Jul 31, 2009 6:03 pm

Class Main Attribute: Strength

Specialties: Hand to Hand Experience, Shapeshifting: Werewolf, Killer's Instinct.

Hand To Hand Experience - Passive. Wether or not the Werewolf is shapeshifted its expertise in melee combat is phoenominal. If you try'd to punch a werewolf when it wasn't on it's guard it would grab your hand. In other words they have amazing reflexes when it comes to close quarters combat.

Shapeshifting - Well, The Werewolf shapeshifts into a Werewolf. This is NOT instant. It takes about 30 seconds to preform. It also grants +2 strength. Cost: 20 mana.

Killer's Instinct - Gives the Werewolf the when-and-know-how to do deadly damage to an enemy. This is passive. It just allows your Werewolf to do amazing things every once in a bit without having to suffer from any paradox.

Drawbacks: Silver anything burns you to the touch, and smells of burning flesh or meat turn you into a blood-hungry animal.
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Werewolf Class
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