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 Quincy Class

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Level Four
Level Four

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PostSubject: Quincy Class   Tue Jul 07, 2009 3:43 pm

Class Main Attribute: Intellect

Specalties: Specialties Quincy's Bow, Spirit Walking, Forsaken.

Quincy's Bow - Allows the Quincy to summon up a bow that uses blue-flamed arrows. Each arrow shot costs 5 mp. The amount of dice you use when you use this attack is added up by: Int + Drive.

Spirit Walking - Allows the quincy to shift spiritual particles under his feet in order to move extremely fast. Cost: 20 mana / each step.

Forsaken - You are one of the last quincy's known to man. +1 to drive per "star" you have. (Reputation gives you stars.)

Drawbacks: Most quincy spells do an desirable amount of damage, yet they cost mana.
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Quincy Class
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