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 Fremen Class

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PostSubject: Fremen Class   Tue Jul 07, 2009 3:21 pm

Class Main Attributes: Intellect

The fremen class where first created by the fallout of the people who survived in cold places, some of them were able to call up the cold whenever they want, while others showed no sign of mutating at all.

Specialties: Ice Magiks, Frozen Era, Ice Wall.

Ice Magiks:Grants the ability to call up just about any kind of coldness or ice.

Frozen Era: The mage calls up all the ice power he can, and turns the whole City into a frozen wasteland.
Cost: 15 mp per post by each user posting. This grants the fremen the home field advantage.

Ice Walking: Grants the fremen the ability to walk and run on ice without slipping or falling, just as if it was regular ground. Cost:30 mana.

Drawbacks: Your dasterly weakness is Fire, fire anything, or heat.
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Fremen Class
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