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 Scavenger Class

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Level Four

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PostSubject: Scavenger Class   Tue Jul 07, 2009 4:09 am

Class Main Attribute: Agility

A scavenger is a person who, over the years, gained the ability to jury rig technology to get it to work for a short time. Such as hotwiring cars, rewiring computers, things of that nature.

empower technology, magic fingers, scrap

Empower technology:
comes from raw mana burn. Each point gains you a second or two (depending on the device) and size. But no matter what the condition, it'll work somehow.

Magic Fingers: is the ability to rework technology without tools. Just nails, teeth and wits. Your character may have a few burn scars from this being a common practice.

Scrap: is the ability to take a once useless piece of junk, and find the pieces that are still useful. Or vice versa, it can be used to sabotage items.

Drawbacks: When it comes to magic, you are weak.
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Scavenger Class
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