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 Warlock Class

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PostSubject: Warlock Class   Fri Jul 03, 2009 4:26 am

Class Main Attribute: Intellect

Specialties: Black Magic, Summoning Undead/Demons, Curses.

Black Magic: Black magic can be used for many useful things for a warlock. It does extra damage to anybody who is a weilder of light, yet, it can also be used to create Shadowbolts, syphon a life force. With Black magic also comes greed though, this could be one of your character's downfalls. But, if your character is good at controlling his/hers emotions and will then a warlock would be a powerful path for you to choose.

Summoning Undead/Demons: Basically allows you to summon anything that has been dead, or raise up a demon. (Note to warlocks, you can't raise a 20 foot tall infernal, you won't be able to control it and it will kill you. Lets have some kind of regularity.)

Curses: Warlocks can also inflict curses on an player or enemy that cause them to have strokes of bad luck, make them dizzy, slow them down, or even physically curses that push them away.

Drawbacks: Holyness weakens you greatly.
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Warlock Class
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